Lifecycle upgrade for the system without charge, 

We provides latest technology,

Help you cope with the changing world! 


STANDY machining solution is providing the trustful overall solutions and services.

STANDY possesses the world level electrodischarge machining technology. Combining the independently developed intelligent algorithm system, STANDY is capable of providing considerate technical support and service for you.
Integrating the system development capacity of intelligent produce line with automaticequipment of mould production workshop
High quality and distinctivedischarge technology and machining solution from STANDY
STANDY machine tool is made of over 60% originally imported parts
Professional STANDY sales and service engineers provide quick service and technical support
24/7 hotline provides instant technical support all day long
Senior and professional discharge technology and software application engineers provide optimized production technique
Strong and senior intelligent system R&D, lifecycle upgrade of STANDY system without chargea

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