Being dedicated to the discharge technology for 20 years, the first enterprise at home which possesses intelligent algorithm system software copyright of high performance electrical discharge machine
Chairman/General Manager of Guangdong STANDY Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.
Profession is from dedication
With 20 years of experience in mechanical equipment R&D, STANDY is devoted to the technical development and innovation of manufacturing electrical discharge machine tool, and features extremely high attainments  in the aspects of high precision and high efficiency mirror electrical discharge machine, graphite electrical discharge machine and hard alloy electrical discharge machine control technology.Theelectrical discharge machine developed by STANDY technical team has achieved the nationalization of high difficulty and high precision machining without dependence on the developed countries, and has reached the world advanced level. Users may share our technical results, professional pre-sale and after-sale services of high efficiency and low cost due to our advanced technology. STANDY is dedicated to providing a variety of equipment with highest cost performance as well as software solutions for users, and is striving for achieving long-term, stable and reliable guarantee. 
The professional and dedicated equipment as well as electrodischarge machining technology are commitment to meeting the demands of clients
STANDY, with the strong R&D team, has integrated the discharge technology of electrical discharge equipment and is capable of meeting your demands and strengthening your competitive force
Our Advantages
· Integrating the system development capacity of intelligent produce line with automaticequipment of mould production workshop
· High quality and distinctivedischarge technology and machining solution from STANDY
· STANDY machine tool is made of over 60% originally imported parts
· Professional STANDY sales and service engineers provide quick service and technical support
· 24/7 hotline provides instant technical support all day long
· Senior and professional discharge technology and software application engineers provide optimized production technique
· Strong and senior intelligent system R&D, lifecycle upgrade of STANDY system without chargea

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