The whole machine adopts advanced operation software with excellent functions ,and features convenient operation


Distinctive discharge control technology 

The combination of distinctive discharge control technology and STANDY intelligent algorithm features obvious effect for rib machining and mirror machining


Stable casting system 

The machine body adopts the currently domestic most stable casting system. Combining the STANDY system, it ensures outstanding repeat position accuracy


Original application technology 

The original pulse power supply is better can the electric machining standard power supply, combining the STANDY system, it ensures extremely less electrode loss during discharge


Double ox head 6-axis numerical controlled movement

the productivity is improved with double ox head structure, X Y Z 6 axes adopt imported linear guiderail and high precision screw to ensure high precision. 


Quick, simple and convenient operation

The product features excellent controllability due to its highest degree of automation. 


Strategy creation wizard

Reducing the times of training operators, the operator may add own experience into NC, STANDY series machining tool allows creating own machining parameter list which can be saved and adopted in the new program. 

Items unit CNC-2110(single head)/(double head)
Working slot (L*W*H) mm 3500*1800*850
Work table size mm 2500*1200
XYZ axis working travel (single head)  mm 2300*900*600
XYZ axis working travel (double head) mm 1450*900*600
Lowest and highest points from main axis to the work surface       mm 650-1250
Max weight of electrode  kg 450
Max load for working object  kg 8000
Dimension of machine tool (L*W*H) mm 7000*5000*3600
Total weight of machine tool kg 15000(single head) 17000(double head)
Positioning precision:   ≤0 .005mm test standard GB/T5291.1-2001
Repeat positioning precision:   ±0 .005mm test standard GB/T5291.1-2001


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